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Our fresh perspectives and proven, real life, actionable solutions have consistently helped organizations sell more and stay on top in their field for more than three decades. For organizations of all sizes, it's about executing on your business strategy in the most effective way. Doing so unlocks hidden value, identifies untapped profit potential and increases company value.

Utilizing a full-service platform called the Advancer Model Selling System, we will Evaluate the current situation, customize solutions to Engage your team and then precisely Execute the solutions with you. The outcome is increased performance, productivity and sales.

As a privately held firm, the "Founders Mentality" allows us to connect with you and relate to the challenges only business owners face. We will go deep with owners and management to help solve challenges you face while being astute and responsive by owning the outcome of our work.

Why do some people and organizations excel while others stall?

The Advancer Model® is a business playbook based on key insights and observed patterns that predict why some people and organizations excel while others stall.

Using our proprietary Advancer Model System®, KMAC's Sales Solutions and Sales Enablement platform brings fresh perspectives, real life solutions, proven business principles and easy to use tools helping you surpass the competition, increase productivity and performance leading to increased sales and long term value.

The Advancer Model® can increase your odds for success. To find out how, call us at (905) 336-7710 or email info@kmacgroup.ca

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