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The most successful companies often take a step back to identify key areas with the most significant opportunity for growth. Identifying the common challenges experienced amongst sales teams allows you to take the necessary steps to generate results that harness your team’s capabilities and empower them as industry leaders. We help identify missed opportunities and work with your team to implement sales solutions that they can execute with confidence.

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Generate sales and increase client relationships, whether established personally or through a virtual connection. Take your sales strategy to the next level by allowing our team to handle the unique complexities of managing staffing and capacity for you. Allow your team to showcase their unique talents and perform in the areas they excel in most.
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A High-Performing Team with Extensive Experience.

KMAC has established itself as the trusted advisor for Fortune 500 companies and small to medium-sized enterprises. We firmly believe that sales is a skill that can be strengthened and developed, and work with individuals and teams to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally.

The Advancer Model Selling System

The Advancer Model Selling System is a unique solution-based program that empowers your team while implementing tactics and sales solutions that work. Gain access to tools and information needed to help your organization surpass its sales goals and enhance client relationships.
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A Culture of Empowerment Leads to a Future of Success

Every member of our team contributes their own talents, experience, and knowledge, allowing KMAC to truly be a group of multi-disciplined professionals who are committed to your success. KMAC was founded on a passion for empowering others as they recognize their skills and work hard to reach their full potential. When you choose to work with us, we become a natural extension of your team or organization and are committed to seeing you succeed every step of the way.

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  • The entire McDougall Energy Business Markets commercial sales team recently participated in the Level 1 Blue-Line Sales Training Program offered by The KMAC GROUP. The 360 survey feedback from the team regarding the session was excellent. The program was customized to our needs and exceeded our expectations, particularly with respect to bringing the prospective customers to “close”. The team left the meeting with actionable next steps along with a clear & concise workbook to help increase their personal brand equity. They were inspired, motivated and ready to look at their roles, challenges and opportunities in a new light. We look forward to reaching new heights thanks to Keith McIntyre and his team of professionals!
    – BD

  • Hi KMAC, just wanted to reach out and say Congrats to you for the Supplier Award for Innovation! It’s so rare to see our Canadian suppliers recognized so this is huge!
    – PEP

  • Thanks for the update. Also, I wanted to let you know that I loved the recap you provided. Esp. the pics, key wins, stories from the field and insights. Thanks again!
    – KP

  • Thank you so much – the meeting went really well, and they were thrilled with the event! The President was very impressed, and my buyer was really happy to be able to deliver good news. They would like to share with their US counterparts to show the example of a successful vendor-executed event.
    – JY

  • Thank you! I will send with my recap. I really appreciate your recommendations/feedback on the demos and I know P&G values your input.
    – LB

  • Hi – this is really fantastic results. I’m really looking forward to hearing about the events. Thanks again for all the hard work – not only in overall planning, but especially the last couple of days! You guys always give us your best and it is appreciated.
    – KL

  • Team KMAC, It has been a pleasure working with you on great Costco demos in 2015! Thank you for your continued support and collaboration in making our demos @ Costco very successful! KMAC Team, I am actually leaving for a new opportunity, but I do hope our paths cross again. I have so enjoyed working with you, Keith, Holly and KMAC team. You guys are top notch and great partners! I wish you success and growth.
    – CH

  • Just reviewed this with my buyer and to say she was blown away honestly doesn’t do it justice! She was so happy with all the pictures and feedback and went through every single slide and read every comment/feedback/success story. She was very excited to share this with her boss and had a bunch of ideas for next year, and for ways to keep this momentum going. She had a meeting with the District Managers yesterday and all recommended repeating the event! I know there were a lot of growing pains to get it off the ground, but I think your work paid off! Again, thanks for your work in managing such a successful event!
    – JY

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