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At KMAC, we offer a full range of strategic selling services unifying technology, people and process guiding organizations forward.

As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, our collective experience has allowed us to build, scale and manage a dynamic sales team for a Fortune Top 50 client and to provide real life solutions and processes to share with others. We accomplish this with “The Founders Mentality”*. "Thinking Like a Founder" will set your organization apart.

Since 1992, KMAC has developed the expertise in the world of sales to consistently deliver results to increase sales, increase organization value and profitability for 16 Fortune 500's and numerous small and mid-size privately held organizations.


Achieving Business Performance Excellence With The Advancer Model

The Advancer Model is a business playbook based on key insights and observed patterns that predict why some people and organizations excel while others stall.

Using our proprietary Advancer Model System®, KMAC's Sales Solutions and Sales Enablement platform brings fresh perspectives, real life solutions, proven business principles and easy to use tools helping you surpass the competition, increase productivity and performance leading to increased sales and long term value.

The Advancer Model can increase your odds for success.

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