The KMAC Group

A complete Sales Solutions and Sales Enablement platform dedicated to improving the performance and productivity of customer facing business development professionals.

If you're not executing on your business development strategy in the most effective way your organization is leaving value on the table, missing opportunities, sales stall and your people are operating in a fog.

Since 1992, KMAC has consistently delivered results to accelerate growth, increase organization value and profitability for 16 Fortune 500's and numerous small and mid-size privately held organizations.

Achieving Business Performance Excellence With The Advancer Model

The Advancer Model is a business playbook based on key insights and observed patterns that predict why some people and organizations excel while others stall.

Using “The Advancer Model”, KMAC uncovers your business’s profit potential by identifying gaps, opportunities, and building a plan that allows you to reach new heights. Our team executes the plan with precision.

The Advancer Model can increase your odds for success.

On Your Mark

Uncover Your Passion, Unleash It and Take Action!