Developing Your Own Playbook

Sarah CBlog

Developing Your Own Playbook

A clear game plan gives a business or team the best chance of success

Why is that every professional sports team has a playbook but the same cannot be said for all businesses?

Why do some companies stall while other succeed?

Both of these questions can be answered as follows: a clear game plan, with clearly defined roles, outlined processes, adaptability and flexibility give a business or team the best chance of success.

Think of it this way, a football team has a set of plays they run off the line which are all outlined in a playbook. Each team member has prepared, practiced and knows exactly what is expected of them. The play a team chooses to run is a strategic choice based off their opponents’ strengths, weaknesses and understanding of where their key players are positioned. Plays can be changed, added or adapted to fit different opponents. The same can apply to business.

Evolve customer relationships toward becoming a strategic contributor or trusted partner

Now, let’s put this into a business perspective for sales. Your playbook is a “living” resource that outlines your business vision, sales process steps, the methodology on how to execute each step, customer buyer personas and their path to purchase, training and coaching resources and other enablement content developed by your company to help you and your team succeed. It should also include team shares for best practices. With changing markets conditions, your “plays” will need to adapt the target organizations as well as the key individual points of contact within that organization to create true value at all levels.

Many organizations we encounter stall at a vendor or preferred supplier relationship stage with customers. This is due in part to having a random or informal sales process. Building a sales playbook with defined plays and a formal sales process and methodology will help you evolve customer relationships toward becoming a strategic contributor or trusted partner.

A sales playbook is truly a tool that differentiates organizations that stall vs those that succeed. The concept of a live playbook suited to individual needs inside your business can only be a benefit to your team.