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Implement strategies designed to unlock your team's hidden potential.


Harness The 'Founder's Mentality' and Succeed.

Have you taken a step back to look at your business or its operations through a different lens? We believe that there is always a better way to achieve your goals and generate industry-leading results. Our mentality, our mission, is to identify the challenges only you as an executive or business owner may face, and work with your team to implement sales solutions that lead to an increase in sales and unlock value. Together, we help you determine the outcome you would like to achieve and own your success.


Consulting Services

how top performers outperform their peers

In the challenging realm of sales, we understand the hurdles of stagnant figures, process inefficiencies, turnover, and adaptation. Through the Advancer Model Selling System, we harness human potential via strategy, data, coaching, and training to reveal hidden profits, while KMAC's solution-focused approach tackles these issues and supports sustained growth, whether your sales are robust or seeking enhancement.

The advancer model selling system


Increase Sales

Set revenue targets, identify key strategies for higher sales, and implement customized tools and processes to boost sales revenue, profitability per transaction, and customer satisfaction.

Engage Your Team

Unleash team potential, uncover talents, and find growth opportunities while attracting top talent and reducing turnover, all with a motivated, skilled sales team through shared best practices.

Unlock Growth Potential

Determine opportunities for personal and professional growth and reach targets never before achieved. Influence your team to influence your industry.

Outsource Sales Solutions


Efficient and effective sales are critical for a company's success in today's challenging business environment. Yet, many sales organizations grapple with high cost, scalability, staffing challenges, inconsistent performance, lack of competitive edge and difficulty accessing new markets. We are specialists in enhancing sales operations, encompassing sales teams, sales management, inside sales, in-store demo event staffing, and convention and conference staffing.

  • Unlock hidden value in your sales processes
  • Nurture champions through a coaching culture for exceeding expectations
  • Build efficient teams via recruitment, training, and alignment
  • Use data for performance standards, identifying growth opportunities

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Training & Coaching


Harnessing decades of experience to uncover hidden potential with the Advancer Model platform. Our edge lies in having our own sales team, field testing concepts for real-world impact, then tailoring solutions for your unique challenges. Propel your team beyond expectations with training that boosts revenue, efficiency, and best practices.

"The capability to consistently outperform expectations is the cornerstone of a thriving business." 

Our Expert Training Programs

1.  Sales Management
2.  Sales Coaching
3.  Productivity
4.  Coaching for Action and Accountability

 Take the first steps in propelling your business towards higher success. Book one of our training programs today.

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On-Demand Learning

. Engaging interactive courses and micro-learning modules to reinforce knowledge, available 24/7 learning on our LMS platform.


Elevate your sales team in a competitive market by empowering expertise and commitment through consistent knowledge.

Interactive Programs

Tailored learning for specific goals, interactive sessions foster idea exchange, guided by instructors, empowering your team with valuable insights to elevate business success.

Infield Observation and Coaching

Seasoned sales leaders provide in-field observation and real-time coaching, driving superior performance.

Keynote Speaking & Workshops


Keith customizes motivational keynotes, invigorating breakouts, and energizing half and full-day presentations to your needs inspiring audiences to action.


Keith's Expertise in Action

Keith's customized model ignites action tailored to your business requirements. With an array of specialties ranging from personal growth and leadership to sales strategies and customer centricity, Keith brings expertise to the forefront, leaving a transformative impact on audiences.

Driving Success Through Engagement with Keith

From business insights to sports victories, Keith's dynamic presentations offer engaging enlightenment. Anchored by 'The Advancer Model,' his innovative approach drives sales growth and high-performance results. Seeking electrifying keynotes or transformative workshops? Choose Keith McIntyre for an exceptional experience that transcends tradition.