Strategy: helping organizations craft strategy to win and creating a sustainable competitive advantage. Strategy is about making choices to uniquely position the organization and enabling it to create value superior to the competition’s increasing the odds for success over the long term. Knowing where to apply limited resources improves operations and provides clarity for your organization.


In this hyper-competitive economy where there are forces reshaping business and the workplace, businesses of all sizes need a strategy to flourish and grow. Roger Martin and A.G. Lafley in their work “Playing to Win”* challenge business owners with the question “are you playing to win, or playing to play?”

We will challenge you and your organization to “Play to Win”!*

Looking to the future, organizations need a strategy that clearly differentiates their business and creates significant value for customers, employees and community leading to a sustainable competitive advantage. Your organization can achieve this. Just imagine the impact on your business, your organization’s future, your future.

Drawing upon more than 25 years of assisting 16 Fortune 500 organizations (more than 22 years of P&G business experience) and working with numerous small businesses, athletes, sports franchises and properties, we’ve learned one thing - that strategy is about “making specific choices” in your business.

What we provide and create are custom strategy solutions to help you achieve your strategic hunger for success creating lasting, differentiated value with your customers, employees and community reflecting your uniqueness. That’s how we’ve built our business and that’s how we can help you.

How we can help you.

Step #1: Initial meeting with ownership and or management to understand your organization’s current strategy and assess challenges the organization is facing;

Step #2: Create a customized strategy process. We set up a plan and process for you and lead your team through this plan and process;

Step #3: We will facilitate and help your team define strategic challenges, problems, create and assess strategic options and possibilities, identify what must be true for an option to be viable and identify hurdles and barriers that may impede the success of an option;

Step #4: We will conduct tests for each strategic option, share and discuss feedback to each strategic option tested, refine and then present and communicate an enhanced or even new strategy to be followed, review capabilities, processes and systems required to support and bring the strategy to life. We will create a communication plan to cascade the vision throughout the organization with accountability.

Step #5: We will conduct regular check-ins with the stakeholders to monitor the implementation of the new strategy throughout the organization.

*Playing to Win is a copyright of Roger Martin and A.G. Lafley