Business Strategy Consulting Services

Getting to the heartbeat of your business strategy

Looking to the future, businesses need a strategy that clearly differentiates their organization and creates significant value for customers, employees and community.

What We Do

Using a process called “The Purpose Matrix” we get to the heartbeat of your business, by clearly articulating drive and purpose. We then identify organizational gaps, opportunities and areas that need repairs, and create a strategic implementation plan to advance that outcome increasing your odds of success while creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

How We Help You

We will help you build or adjust your strategy by focusing on choices that direct your organization towards creating superior value. These choices put you on a path to accomplish your business objectives and differentiated value with your customers, employees and community. That’s how we’ve built our business and that’s how we can help you.

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The KMAC Group follows five steps to deliver superior business development consulting services:

Step #1 Entry and Contracting

We meet with your senior leadership team to understand your organization’s current strategy and assess challenges the organization is facing.

Step #2 Discovery and Dialogue

Next, we work with you to develop processes that explore how your business operates.

Step #3 Feedback and Action Plan

Together, we work to understand the results of the process and data analysis, and determine the areas of focus for the next wave of activities

Step #4 Engagement and Implementation

Specific activities in the scope of work are communicated and carried out within the organization.

Step #5 Summary and Closure

Once the activities are completed, we examine the results compared to expectations and celebrate successes. This is also a decision point to discuss further engagement and actions.

Meetings and Workshops:

After initial meetings, discussions and data collection, we take you down a path called Playing to Win*. The Playing to Win approach increases your business strategy’s chances of success by testing hypotheses—with the creativity of generating multiple possibilities.

With Playing to Win, we’ll generate multiple hypotheses, test them, and then choose the strategy most likely to succeed.

*Playing to Win is a registered Trademark of Roger Martin and A.G. Lafley


Training Sessions, Workshops, Playbook Development, Assessments, Recommendations, Design and Implementation.

What is Strategy? Defining Strategy.

Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy.

Building Your Company’s Vision and Mission.

Adapting Your Business Model.

Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution.

Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System.

Turning Great Strategy into Great Performance.

Accelerating Change in Your Organization.

Change Stakeholder Profiles - the importance of Change Management in your organization.

Playing to Win Strategy Sessions - Lafely Martin Platform. Three Strategy Meeting training sessions.

Company Assessment – Culture, Organization, People, Systems.

Business Operations Process Map - building your business operations profile and map.

Vision and Positioning Assessment - differentiate your business.

Disciplines of Execution - bringing your strategy to life.

Building your Business Case.

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