Greatness is memorable!

Mediocrity is forgettable.

Training & coaching for sales professionals.

Setting the bar too low is a common mistake many companies make today. Every sales team has the potential to excel. It’s a function of recruiting, hiring, training, being properly equipped and unwavering belief. We can get your team to step up and soar.

Successful selling demands the right behaviours. It’s all about how you sell. Couple this with the appropriate commitments, attitude shifts and action and you have yourself a sustainable competitive edge. Greatness is memorable. Mediocrity is forgettable.

Ask yourself this question: Could my people be selling more? Well, why aren’t they?

KMAC sales solutions architecture.

Blueprints to increase your revenue and sales performance.

Sales coaching & training - services.

Do you ever feel your team could and should be selling more?

Have you and your team experienced unsuccessful sales training in the past?

You don’t want to feel the pain of another unsuccessful training effort?

These are questions we hear from Sales Leaders and Executives.

There is validity behind these questions and feelings because most sales training disappoints.

90% of Sales Training has no lasting effect after 120 days.

That’s concerning because 75.6% of companies invest greater than $500 per sales person per year and 43.3% of companies spend $1501 greater than $5,000 per person 2. These amount to huge investments with no return. It’s time to change things.

Sources: David Stein Sales Training ES Research 2011 Sources: Sales Performance Optimization - Sales Process 2010

Why does so much sales training disappoint?

1. LACK OF DEFINED GOALS & OUTCOMES. In large part it is due to a lack of preparation and defined goals and outcomes for the training.

2. NO ALIGNMENT OF LEARNING NEEDS TO CORPORATE VISION. Learning needs are not aligned to the overall vision and goals of the company

3. PROPER ASSESSMENT OF SKILLS & ATTRIBUTES IS REQUIRED. A proper assessment of skills and attributes required for the role and individuals is not completed in advance

4. MUNDANE TRAINING. The training is mundane, cookie-cutter, is not engaging and doesn’t challenge individuals take action with the learning to transform themselves

5. NO POST TRAINING ACCOUNTABILITY, FOLLOW UP, MEASUREMENT, EVALUATION. There is little or no evaluation and accountability and continuous improvement beyond the initial training sessions.

Great coaching makes great performance.

We believe it’s just as easy to settle for more as it is to settle for less. We’ll help you eliminate mediocre performance to turn on revenue opportunities - whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a start-up.

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