KMAC delivers professional business development services unlocking untapped profit potential through the development and deployment of highly skilled, client facing sales leaders and sales teams.

  • Sales Systems and Sales process assessment
  • Sales Training seminars and workshop
  • Fundamental Sales
  • Advanced Selling
  • Strategic Account Management
  • High Performance Coaching
  • Joint Business Planning
  • Complex Enterprise Selling Strategies and Training
  • 1:1 Executive Training and Coaching


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The Advancer Model System® is a business playbook built on patterns and trends observed and lived for more than 30 years identifying why some organizations and people stall and others excel. We bring real life solutions, proven business principles and easy to use tools to help organizations excel and increase sales.

Mindset: does your organization operate with a fixed or growth mindset? Unlocking a growth mindset is when people believe they can develop their abilities to a greater degree. Challenges are seen as opportunities propelling growth.

Preparation: a concise go to market strategy allows your team to effectively engage customers, win their business and then grow their business for the long term. Understanding the business landscape in which you work and getting into the heart of what people care about will win more business.

Mentorship: mentors, strategic alliances and partnerships bring critical experience from which you can draw upon increasing your odds for success and accelerating growth.

Action without Clarity: success depends on taking action and trying new things while facing uncertainty. With a breakthrough value proposition and “ethos” being lived at all levels of your organization, uncertainty clears paving the way for innovation and growth.

Communication: obscurity is the competition. Helping your audience connect the dots to understand the value you bring to the table to help them move their business forward in a clear, concise manner sets the table for everyone to excel. Reaching a high growth market segment with a distinct value proposition will deliver the expected results you have set to achieve.

Refine & Adjust: your environment is constantly changing. Opportunities will quickly pass by if you wait for perfection. Train your team to excel by testing and learning what works, what doesn’t, then be flexible, adapt and continue moving forward. Action on key behaviours like this win more business.

Figure it Out: many things don’t work out the first time and you hit a roadblock. Don’t stop. Others can help. Be agile and embrace roadblocks as opportunities. Work with others, even your clients to develop options for a better solution and success.

Urgency over Perfection: acting with a sense of urgency will set you apart from others. Don’t wait. When you take action with urgency, momentum builds confidence getting you closer to your goals. This is your “ethos” is action.

Network and Momentum: genuine, authentic relationships are instrumental for long term success. Leveraging suppliers, customers and other key stakeholders who compliment your vision become part of your sales team by word of mouth or other referral mechanisms. New doors open providing exposing previously unseen business opportunities.

Turbulence: things never happen as planned. You can’t avoid turbulence but you can minimize the impact if you are prepared, have a clear sense of direction and know where you are going. Having clear goals allows you to make informed decisions and choices to keep things on track and moving the right direction. Be prepare to weather the storm, accept change and grow.

Keeping the Motivation: keeping yourself motivated and challenged is hard enough, let alone keeping your people challenged and motivated. Continually challenge yourself to improve. Leading does not mean coming up with the answers and then motivating others to follow, it means having the humility to grasp the fact that you do not understand enough and to get that understanding you need to ask questions. New knowledge equals new frontiers.

Celebrate the Win: reaching goals are steps toward achieving your vision however goals are small steps taken to achieve your vision. Celebrate small wins then reset your goals moving you closer to achieving your vision.