Professional Business Development

Strategic Selling Services Unifying Technology, People and Process.

Unlocking untapped profit potential through the development and deployment of highly skilled sales leaders and sales teams.

KMAC offers a full range of strategic selling services unifying technology, people and process guiding organizations forward.

Since 1992, KMAC has developed the expertise in the world of sales to consistently increase sales, increase organization value and profitability for 16 Fortune 500's and numerous small and mid-size privately held organizations.

KMAC's fresh perspectives, proven business principles, real life solutions and easy to use tools to help you surpass the competition, capture missed opportunities and increase sales.

Our continuous learning platform is built with The Advancer Model System®, a business playbook identifying why some organizations and people stall and others excel. We bring real life solutions, proven business principles and easy to use tools to help organizations excel and increase sales.

Professional Development

  • Sales Systems and Sales Process Assessment
  • Sales Training Seminars and Workshops
  • High Performance Coaching
  • Advanced Selling
  • Joint Business Planning
  • Complex Enterprise Selling Strategies
  • 1:1 Executive Training and Coaching
  • Sales Fundamentals
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Recruitment, Interviewing, Hiring, On-Boarding
  • Sales Leadership and Sales Management Training and Coaching
  • Sales Enablement Tools