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For more than 25 years we’ve been in the business of one thing - helping people and organizations reach their full potential. We’ve done it for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to smaller start-ups.


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There is an alarming trend in business … mediocrity … there exists a culture of accepting less than acceptable people and business performance.

KMAC’s Approach to Business Excellence. We have more than 25 years of working with 16 Fortune 500’s and want to share these experiences with you.

The industry experience we have is vast: Consumer Packaged Goods, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Auto, Retail, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Professional Sports Franchises, Financial and Professional Services.

Our goal is simple: share with you strategies we think are the key to maintaining the success of KMAC and our clients and how we continually push forward to reach new heights previously unattainable. At the same time we’ll focus on strategies applicable to your organization, regardless of the industry you are in or size of your company. We will share with you and identify specific KMAC philosophies, strategies, concepts and tactics that can enhance your organization's performance. No one knows your organization better than you. We'll challenge you to look at business through a different lens, make the ties back to your organization and adapt some of our approaches. We will also challenge you to think about your organizational issues in an entirely new light, pick up some best practices from KMAC and the likes of P&G and other F500’s and Professional Sport Franchises.


Strategy: helping organizations craft strategy to win and make choices creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Organization & People

Successful organizations run like a colony of bees. Bees work together simultaneously, the work they do contributes to a broader whole yet bees also work individually but their work is efficient and productive.

Marketing - Customer Experience & Path to Purchase

Great brands and services live in the stories that customers tell about their use of your products and services. Do yours?

Sales Strategy, Training, Coaching & Process

Setting the bar too low is a common mistake many companies make today. Every sales team has the potential to excel.

Implementation - Taking Action to Make It Happen

Business growth and survival depends on meeting goals and objectives. Most failures in organizations today are caused by a lack of execution -- things just don't get done.

Aim high.
Execute flawlessly.

Visiting our site you will learn how Fortune 500 companies and small and mid-sized companies have increased their sales by 20% or more inside 60 days. We’ve been waiting for you.

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