High Performance Business Advancement

Unlocking hidden profit potential through the development of efficient systems and productive people.

Our competitive advantage is our experience. For over 25 years, The KMAC Group has served as a trusted advisor to both Fortune 500 and independently owned companies alike. As a trusted partner to businesses large and small, we have successfully implemented strategic growth programs at scale.

The KMAC Group helps privately held businesses grow through:

Active Engagement Programs

Leading the design and implementation of operational excellence standards that support productive people, efficient systems, and a winning culture.

High Performance Business Development

Unlocking untapped profit potential through the development and deployment of highly skilled sales leaders and sales teams.

Digital Cloud Services

Integrating customized tools to manage, analyze, and use data to increase profit.

Our Business Development and Operational Excellence Services

Using “The Advancer Model”, KMAC unlocks the hidden value in businesses that owners often don’t see by identifying untapped profit potential through the performance and productivity of employees and the development of business designs, systems and processes.

The Advancer Model is a business playbook developed using key insights and observed patterns that determine why some people and organizations excel while others stall.