A proven sales solutions and sales enablement platform.

If you're not executing on your business development strategy in the most effective way, your organization is leaving value on the table, missing opportunities, sales stall and your people are operating in a fog.

The ADVANCER MODEL SELLING SYSTEM offers you a complete Sales Solutions and Sales Enablement platform dedicated to improving the performance and productivity of customer facing people and teams. We've done this for a Fortune 50 organization for more than 25 years and we'll bring this experience to you. We start with an unbiased assessment of your business development strategy, then help you set measurable goals to get you where you want to be. Things are checked and balanced along the way to ensure the intended direction and outcomes you're trying to achieve are met.

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Actionable Solutions for Sales Improvement.

EVALUATE. Strategic Assessment and Advising.

Executing on your strategy in the most effective way is crucial for growth. KMAC provides an unbiased health check of your business development strategy from a strategic perspective.

ENGAGE & EXECUTE. Professional Business Development - Contract and Outsource Sales Teams, Sales Training, Sales and Management Coaching, Virtual Sales Team Development.

KMAC unlocks untapped profit potential through the development and deployment of highly skilled, client facing sales leaders and sales teams. Our strategic selling services and continuous learning platform are built on The Advancer Model Selling System®, a business playbook identifying why some organizations and people stall and others excel. We bring real life solutions, proven business principles and easy to use tools to help organizations excel and increase sales.

Digital Cloud Services

Using the platform, we plan, design, build and implement custom Cloud Solutions across all verticals. Once you have fine-tuned your operational strategy, sales strategy and customer service strategy with the right people, then it’s time to equip your people with tools that can maximize their productivity and provide data to track and measure your progress toward your desired future state.

The ADVANCER MODEL SELLING SYSTEM ... Business Development and Operational Excellence.

Using our proprietary Advancer Model Selling System®, KMAC's Sales Solutions and Sales Enablement platform brings fresh perspectives, real life solutions, proven business principles and easy to use tools helping you surpass the competition, increase productivity and performance leading to increased sales and long term value.others stall.