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Climate. Culture. Change Management.

Do you have the right talent on your team to win?

There are forces reshaping business and the workplace: economic, political, natural and environmental, technology and disruptive innovation (Uber, Amazon), competition coming from unexpected sectors and organizations, non-traditional competition, people and skills mismatches with what’s required, change management and lagging performance management then layer on top mediocrity and status quo when you can least afford it.

If your organization and your team cannot adapt, if you don’t have the right talent, if your organization is reactive vs being proactive, it can kill your business.

Looking to the future, organizations require proactive climates and cultures of high performing teams that are engaged, fully enabled, flexible, agile and willing to adapt to change. Your organization can achieve this. Just imagine the impact on your business, your organization’s future, your future. Every organization is different. Each has a unique history, culture, leadership style and capability set because of it’s employees.

What we provide and create are custom people and organization solutions to help our clients achieve their strategic hunger for success creating lasting, differentiated value with their customers reflecting their uniqueness. That’s how we’ve built our business and that’s how we can help you.

We provide an assessment of the current situation, provide recommendations for change and then will help you implement and measure the recommendations:


Climate what factors are part of your work environment today? It’s the work setting that contributes to the ability for staff to perform a task and the ability to adjust the work environment to the specific needs of an employee giving them more control.


Corporate Culture (how things get done) is ingrained in a company’s vision, mission and purpose affecting how a company approaches:

1. Employees;
2. Customers;
3. Community;

Strategic Workforce Planning, People, Talent and Capability.

Do you have the right talent on your team to win? Does your team meet your immediate and future challenges?

Service offerings include:

• assessing talent for the right mix to drive value
• recruitment
• screening
• interviewing
• hiring
• onboarding

Change Management.

Change is different in every organization. It’s how you get to where you want to be. 70% of all change efforts fail.* (Kotter HBR) Change is hard and few organizations master it. At best, only 30% of such efforts succeed. But there is a way to increase your chances of success. Change is movement between where we are and where we are not and as Charles Darwin noted “it’s not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent, it’s the most adaptable, those responsive to change.”