Organization and People Development Consulting Services

Helping organizations and their people excel.

A business culture and its people are symbiotic.

Your businesses culture attracts certain kinds of people. In turn, your company’s people either reinforce or evolve the culture based on their values and personalities.

At KMAC, we help companies and their employees find mutual purpose. We examine the organization’s climate and culture, and help businesses hire for principles instead of exclusively for capabilities. We help our clients create an environment where every team member is looking out for the success of others around them, and where every person sees their role as critical to the organization.

Challenges that cause businesses to stall include:

A lack of clear purpose and vision resulting in a weak culture;

Employee distractions that result in poor execution of strategies to advance the business;

Not having the right design to meet their goals and desired outcomes;

Not having the right people, in the right role with the right capabilities to get the job done;

Weak strategy implementation and execution leading to mediocre performance;

Lacking strategic business development skills and use of CRM technology which can be a sustainable competitive advantage;

Falling into the “Sequels Trap”;

Our pursuit of understanding how people and businesses can excel has led to the creation of the Advancer Model. Using the Advancer Model, we provide custom organization design and people solutions to enhance your success.

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Companies that excel have a high trust, strong culture that:

Drives results.

Enables your people to power your business success.

Increases financial performance.

Unleashes innovation.

Attracts and retains the right talent that you need.

Builds resilience because change is inevitable.

Empowers your people to take care of your customers.

Increases client loyalty.

Enables your people to deliver sustainable results.

Improves efficiency and quality of work.

Creating High Performing Business Teams

Looking to the future, organizations will require proactive climates and cultures of high performance to create teams that are engaged, flexible, agile and willing to adapt to change.

Your organization can achieve this.

At KMAC, we provide and create custom organization and people development solutions to help you achieve success. KMAC will transform your company’s team and culture.

We provide an assessment of your existing culture, provide recommendations for change, and help you implement the recommendations and measure outcomes.

Organizational and People Development Consulting Services

Service offerings include: Change Management, Workplace Environment Redesign Services, Workplace Culture Services

Strategic Workforce Planning, People, Talent and Capability

1) Assessing talent mix 2) Recruitment 3) Screening 4) Interviewing 5) Hiring 6) On-boarding

Change Management

70% of all change efforts fail. Change is different in every organization.

Change is hard and few organizations master it. Typically, only 30% of such efforts succeed. But KMAC can help you to increase your chances of success.

Service offerings include:

• Cascading vision through an entire organization.
• Accountability workshops and templates.
• Change management training workshops for owners and management.

Workplace Environment Redesign Services

Smart companies know that their primary goal is to enhance the performance of their teams. People are the engine that keeps companies growing, improving, adapting and innovating.

Your company’s workplace is a critical place to support the growth and performance of your teams. KMAC offers customized solutions to improve your company’s environment and performance of your employees.

Service offerings include:

• Operating model strategy and design.
• Performance management including the design of key performance indicators.
• Operational design mapping – process, management systems, capabilities required.

Workplace Culture Services

A culture that inspires and motivates performance gives your company a competitive edge. Workplace Culture is ingrained in a company’s vision, mission, and purpose and affects how a company approaches employees, customers, and the community.

At KMAC, we help clients put their cultures to work by creating a strategy execution plan that generates accountability and performance. We work with your business to create new conditions that allow your teams to thrive.

Service offerings include:

• Culture assessment, evolution and diagnosis.
• Leadership team effectiveness.
• Critical behaviour development during transformational change.
• Pride building.
• Front-line performance transformation.

The results you can expect from working with KMAC:

• A high trust culture that drives results.
• A strong culture that enables your people to power your business success.
• Increased financial performance.
• Unleashed innovation.

• The ability to attract and retain the talent you need.
• Resilience to change.
• Customer satisfaction.
• Increased client loyalty.
• Sustainable results.

• Improved efficiency and quality of work.
• Engaged and Inspired Employees.
• Improved Teamwork and Performance.
• Lasting, Differentiated Value.

Each business has a unique history, culture, leadership style and capability set because of its employees.

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