Business Marketing Consulting Services

What perceptions and experiences do customers have with your organization? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

Why should customers choose you?

What is the path to purchase journey for your products or services?

What Stories do customers tell about their use of your products and services?

Businesses all too often forget to market internally to their employees, and forget to engage their customers post-purchase. We’ll collaborate with you to leverage the law of momentum so business principles and values are evident at every stage of the sale cycle (pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase) for both employees and customers.

Marketing Workshops and Training

At KMAC, we support companies in assessing their customer experience. You will receive workshops and training to increase the likelihood that your customers will share your company’s story and recommend you to their network.

Storytelling workshops and tools.

Assessment of your customer’s “customer experience” and “path to purchase”.

Principles of marketing and what makes a great brand tools and workshop.

Brand vs. branding tools and workshop.

Building your personal brand aligned with your company brand or product and services tools and workshop.

Implementing your brand “tool box” workshop and tools.

With KMAC’s marketing services, you can expect to:

Strengthen your corporate and brand services.

Enhance the experience customers have with you and the stories they share.

Create sustainable value for employees and customers.

Strengthen your individual brand and identity.

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