Why do some businesses excel while others stall?

Business Development and Operational Excellence ‘Advancer Model’

The Advancer Model is a business playbook developed with key insights and observed patterns that predict how some people and organizations excel while others stall.

Increase your odds of success with The Advancer Model

Why do some people and organizations excel while others stall?

This question has intrigued KMAC since we opened our doors! Our pursuit of understanding how people and businesses can excel has led to the creation of the Advancer Model. Using “The Advancer Model”, KMAC unlocks the hidden value in businesses that owners often don’t see by identifying untapped profit potential through the culture, performance and productivity of employees and the development of business designs, systems and processes.

We help clients identify gaps, opportunities and areas where repairs are needed. A plan is then built, implemented and executed with precision.

Kind words from our clients.

The entire McDougall Energy Business Markets commercial sales team recently participated in the Level 1 Blue-Line Sales Training Program offered by KMAC and Associates. The 360 survey feedback from the team regarding the session was excellent. The program was customized to our needs and exceeded our expectations, particularly with respect to bringing the prospective customers to “close”. The team left the meeting with actionable next steps along with a clear & concise workbook to help increase their personal brand equity. They were inspired, motivated and ready to look at their roles, challenges and opportunities in a new light. We look forward to reaching new heights thanks to Keith McIntyre and his team of professionals!


Director, Business Markets, McDougall Energy Inc.
Hi KMAC, just wanted to reach out and say Congrats to you for the Supplier Award for Innovation! It’s so rare to see our Canadian suppliers recognized so this is huge!!