The ACUITY Insight Selling system provides clear vision and thought using insights to see fine detail to enhance success with complex sales.


Acuity Training System: provides participants with the skills and knowledge to strategically align their customers’ most pressing initiatives with the capabilities of the sellers’ organizations by developing effective and comprehensive account action plans.

Achieving this drives more opportunities and higher revenue.

Participants will learn:
• Diagnosis, Action Planning, Implementation – analyze, align capabilities with customers’ real needs to bring initiatives to life;
• Identify value gap – create genuine value for their customers;
• Identify the buying process and decision making process within an account or with individuals;
• Identify stakeholders and influencers within an account and how to work with them;
• Identify decision making criteria;
• Focus on issues, needs and opportunities most important to the individual and account;
• Identify an action plan for all to win;
• Identify ways to take action and manage for long term growth;
• Help customers develop insights into their own industry and business or individual needs;
• Effectively up-sell within their account;

The outcome of the program for participants is:
• Understanding customers at a deeper and strategic level;
• Gain access to key people and influencers within organizations;
• Connect capabilities of the seller and company with what is most important to the customer;
• Get a look at new opportunities – first before procurement and bidding takes place;
• Gain and hold the attention of key stakeholders within their accounts for the long term;
• Become a strategic advisor beyond the products and services you sell;
Keith draws upon experience of working with one F50 client for 22 years, another F200 client for 18 years and a third F500 client for 12 years.

Aim high.
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