KMAC is a consultancy dedicated to Business Development and Operational Excellence

The KMAC GROUP is a consultancy dedicated to business and performance development. We guide organizations to business growth through their people, culture, systems and processes while unlocking the hidden value in businesses that owners and management often don’t see by identifying untapped profit potential through the performance and productivity of employees and the development of business designs, systems and processes. KMAC helps clients identify gaps, opportunities and areas where repairs are needed. A plan is then built, implemented and executed with precision.

We help our clients improve all aspect of their business from overall strategic planning, people and culture coaching, marketing optimization, sales strategy, coaching and training, and implementation of business strategies.

Our Experience Helps You Improve Your Organizational Effectiveness

As a trusted partner and advisor for businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to local small businesses, KMAC has a deep understanding of business strategy, team performance, marketing, sales, and executing a plan. Collaboratively, we work seamlessly with you and your team to better understand your environment and take informed actions based on proven strategies.

We know what works and what strategies your business needs to get results, grow, and achieve operational excellence.

When the stakes are enormous, KMAC’s track record shows that we live up to our motto: “Aim high. Execute flawlessly.”

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Coaching businesses to new levels and growing organizational leadership.

Working with KMAC is about working fast and effectively to achieve a standard that is extraordinarily high. As a Business Development and Operational Excellence Consultancy, we help our clients create innovative approaches to their company’s challenges that produce results.

“Much of our success stemmed from collaboration, and connecting our clients to the right partners from a wide spectrum of businesses.” - Keith

Our clients are redefining industries, innovation, and what success looks like by combining creativity, teamwork and experience with a desire to succeed. Diverse industries ranging from manufacturing, infrastructure, auto, retail, healthcare, professional sports, finance and franchising are being revolutionized by our clients using the KMAC strategies and techniques presented in the Advancer Model.

Leadership Team

Keith McIntyre

Founder and CEO of The KMAC Group, and author of On Your Mark

Keith McIntyre is known in the business and sports industry as the “advancer.” For 30+ years, he has been working with Fortune 500s, the world’s top professional athletes and North America’s largest sport properties to bring ambitious visions to life, both in growing business, and in putting leaders’ personal brands on the map. Keith is also the author of a new book on mindset and success entitled: ‘On Your Mark’. His new book, teaches readers first, how to be sold on themselves, and second acts as a guide on how to create your own personal playbook to reach new heights that were previously thought unattainable.

Elfie Rauschenberger

Vice President - Leadership and Business Development

Elfie Rauschenberger has an extensive background in both Sales & Marketing stemming from a long career with Johnson & Johnson Inc. within the healthcare and consumer industry. Major responsibilities included effective integration of sales strategies & marketing strategies, people management & talent development and strategic customer relationship, all designed to drive profitable business growth. Elfie’s greatest strengths are her drive, passion and inspirational leadership. She thrives on empowering others to take full accountability to achieve success beyond their expected reach.


Leanne Rowley

Leanne started her journey with The KMAC Group in 2010 upon completing her Bachelors of Business Administration.  
As a lifelong athlete and captain of her university soccer team, Leanne has consistently demonstrated a strong will to win through effective team collaboration.
During her career with The KMAC Group she has worked with high profile clients such as Procter & Gamble, Mars, and Pep to execute projects in various retail giants including Costco, Loblaws, Shopper’s Drug Mart and Walmart.  Leanne’s attention to detail along while searching for the next innovative solution has lead to increased client satisfaction and retention for these programs.
Leannes bring to the KMAC team strong strategic planning and execution, project management, while always operating with a sense of urgency and accountability.  Equally important, Leanne will always lead by example and continues to positively influence and coach diverse teams to deliver results.  



Our goal is simple:

1. Share the key strategies to maintaining the success of KMAC and our clients – how we continually push forward to reach new heights.
2. We’ll then focus on strategies that are applicable to your organization, regardless of the industry you represent or size of your company. No-one knows your organization better than you.
3. We will push you to think about your organizational issues in an entirely new light and then challenge you to make the ties back to your organization and learn how you can adapt, rather than adopt our approach.



We do what we say we are going to do. We always act with transparency reaffirming our dedication to delivering excellence and continuous improvement.


We respect each other’s uniqueness and value the contributions and opinions of others as we work together.


We explore new opportunities with confidence and resolve. We take ownership of our successes and commitments to our clients as our top priority.


We first seek to understand both customers and employees.


We share what we’ve learned to help the community, our people and our client organizations to help people grow.


Demonstrate leadership in everything we do by helping others excel to reach new heights.


Amazing Experience

It starts with an amazing experience, what do our customers say about us after we leave?

Superior Service

Deliver superior service with laser like execution so our clients succeed.

Real solutions

Provide real solutions and execute them allowing our client’s to focus on the business issues at hand.

Passion For Your Success

Being as passionate about their business as they are.

Creating New Business Connections

Bringing deeper, more meaningful relationships and connections to their business.


Add value to existing ideas and platforms by making them more efficient and productive (innovation, cost savings, cost efficiencies, value add, insights).

Transformational Change

Being flexible, open to change, being able to change direction quickly to capitalize on opportunities.

Sense of Urgency

Operate with a sense of urgency - ALWAYS.


Client Service

We don’t just deliver, we over deliver. We are career builders, reaching new heights.


See It. Own It. Solve It. Do It. This is what has made us successful. When there’s a problem, we provide solutions only and we do it with a sense of urgency.


Open meritocracy.

Problem Solving

Solutions only, eliminate the root cause.

Contribute to a Positive Team

A strong team is the foundation of a high-performing business.


It’s all about making things better.

Sense of Urgency

Operate with a sense of urgency with everything we do.

Value mechanisms:

• we are easy to do business with • bring insights to clients beyond our role that help clients with their business • share best practices with clients from other industry leaders • share our experience


Over-preparation is paramount to our success .

Don't Wait, You’ve been hired for a reason

We expect you to execute and do what we’ve hired you for.