About KMAC

Organizational Performance. Business Excellence.

The KMAC GROUP … a trusted partner and advisor helping you reach your full potential.

INDUSTRIES: CPG, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Auto, Retail, Healthcare, Professional Sports Franchises

1. Strategy: crafting strategy to win creating a competitive advantage;
2. Organization: reach your full potential providing clarity for your organization;
3. Marketing: branding, customer experience, path to purchase;
4. Sales: how you sell, coaching, training, customer sales relationship and process;
5. Implementation: make things happen, get things done equals results more quickly;

I started KMAC in 1992 to prove that challenging people to look at their jobs and business through a different lens could be better than generally accepted standards and practices.

With incredible passion KMAC has helped companies accelerate growth without compromise. Each new seminal moment in our history has been increasingly innovative, helping the us work towards our mission: helping clients reach their full potential.

Today the KMAC GROUP revolutionizes the ways organizations can achieve results and accelerate business growth. We put large, mid size and small companies on a path to accelerating growth through strategy planning, training and coaching employees in performance improvement, designing and implementing proven systems and processes.

A disturbing trend is mediocrity. There exists a culture of accepting less than acceptable people and business performance. Companies are at a crossroads and face significant industry-wide challenges. The reliance on mediocre practices has raised concern and we believe the challenges that economic uncertainty presents to our world today offers a monumental opportunity to lead the way companies can challenge their people to grow. We are leaders in what we do.

Winning Aspiration

Coach people to new heights previously unattainable.

KMAC, a trusted partner and advisor helping Fortune 500, small and mid-size companies reach their full potential. We will coach and challenge our clients and team to look at their jobs through a different lens. Mediocre practices are not acceptable. Our job is to help clear a path for them to own it, solve it, take action and do it.

What do we do.

Drawing upon more than 25 years of experience.

• Coaching and Training;
• Executive C-Suite Coaching and Training;
• Contract Sales Teams recruitment, hiring, training, management;
• Consumer Engagement Teams – specialized expert retail demos;
• Sales Process Assessment;
• Organization, Business Operating Systems Assessment: designing and implementing proven systems and processes, cascade vision throughout an entire organization;
• We execute complex projects;
• Strategic Planning;
• Employee performance improvement programs;
• Branding and Customer Experience
• Implementation

How we do this.

• Make it easy for our clients to work with us;
• Deliver superior service with laser like execution so our clients succeed;
• Are positive and bring enthusiasm in everything we do;
• Are passionate about doing things for our clients to win;
• Take action with urgency and execute – no excuses;
• Are happy take on any task with energy;
• Communicate with laser like clarity;
• We own it – even if we mess up;
• Push our clients and our people out of their comfort zone to try new things;
• Present clients with challenges to reach new heights;
• Make complex projects execution look easy, ship and deliver detailed, complex projects allowing clients to focus on the business issues at hand;
• Are always prepared – preparation is our the key to our existence;
• Deliver more even if client’s don’t ask for it;
• Bring deeper, more meaningful relationships and connections to our clients’ business;

Our beliefs.

• Honesty, integrity, open and candid communication;
• Operate with a sense of urgency;
• With every project, we focus on adding value to existing ideas and platforms by making them more efficient and productive (innovation, cost savings, cost efficiencies, value add);
• Be flexible, open to change, willing to change direction quickly to capitalize on opportunities;
• Operate with integrity, open, honest communication;

Aim High.
Execute Flawlessly.

Visiting our site you will learn how Fortune 500 companies and small and mid-sized companies have increased their sales by 20% or more inside 60 days. We’ve been waiting for you.

Call us at 1-800-495-1540

The value of our offering to clients.

For more than 25 years, I have focused on brining people together, challenged people to look at their jobs differently, created business development opportunities by clearing the fog. We take action and we take it quickly.

My approach to coaching is when having a discussion with someone and they learn something new … there’s a deafening silence while their mind is racing – I can almost hear the gears shifting …and then there’s that moment - the moment when the light bulb goes on – they go to say something – even a slight crack of a smile – this is what I love - wow – discovery - this is when I know things will change. This is when I know I reached them. This is when I know things are changing.

When these people begin to share with me what they’ve learned, share what they want to do differently, share that they will challenge themselves to try something new … then commit to do it – and when they do it, it might be rough, but they have now taken the step to transition themselves to grow and move forward, to go somewhere they’ve not been – that’s what brings fulfillment to me. That’s my passion. That’s what I love and that’s where we continue to evolve The KMAC GROUP. Turning on those light bulbs everywhere, with everything we do.

Why choose KMAC?

- Quality of our people – we bring top talent to assist your efforts.

- The depth of insights we provide allows you to grow your sales quickly.

- We show client’s what is possible.

- We continue to deliver results – over and over and over by delivering more than what was requested. We have done so for more than 25 years.


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