A proven sales solutions and sales enablement platform.

Strategic selling services unifying technology, people and process guiding organizations forward.

If you're not executing on your business development strategy in the most effective way, your organization is leaving value on the table, missing opportunities, sales stall and your people are operating in a fog.

KMAC offers a full range of strategic selling services unifying technology, people and process guiding organizations forward.

Since 1992, KMAC has developed the expertise in the world of sales consistently delivering results and increasing sales, increasing organization value and profitability for 16 Fortune 500's and numerous small and mid-size privately held organizations.

KMAC brings you fresh perspectives, proven business principles, real life solutions and easy to use tools to help you surpass the competition, capture missed opportunities and increase sales.

Services include:

1. Sales Strategy and Advising
2. Contract and Outsource Sales Teams
3. Sales Training
4. Sales Coaching
5. Virtual Selling Services
6. Managed Services, checks and balances for continued growth

Our Experience Helps You Improve Your Organizational Effectiveness

As a trusted partner and advisor for businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to local small businesses, KMAC has a deep understanding of business strategy, team performance, marketing, sales, and executing a plan. Collaboratively, we work seamlessly with you and your team to better understand your environment and take informed actions based on proven strategies.

We know what works and what strategies your business needs to get results, grow, and achieve operational excellence.

“Much of our success stemmed from collaboration, and connecting our clients to the right partners from a wide spectrum of businesses.” - Keith

Our clients are redefining industries, innovation, and what success looks like by combining creativity, teamwork and experience with a desire to succeed. Diverse industries ranging from manufacturing, infrastructure, auto, retail, healthcare, professional sports, finance and franchising are being revolutionized by our clients using the KMAC strategies and techniques presented in the Advancer Model.


Our goal is simple:

1. Share the key strategies to maintaining the success of KMAC and our clients – how we continually push forward to reach new heights.
2. We’ll then focus on strategies that are applicable to your organization, regardless of the industry you represent or size of your company. No-one knows your organization better than you.
3. We will push you to think about your organizational issues in an entirely new light and then challenge you to make the ties back to your organization and learn how you can adapt, rather than adopt our approach.