KMAC is a consultancy dedicated to Business Development and Operational Excellence

The KMAC GROUP is a consultancy dedicated to business and performance development. We guide organizations to business growth through their people, culture, systems and processes while unlocking the hidden value in businesses that owners and management often don’t see by identifying untapped profit potential through the performance and productivity of employees and the development of business designs, systems and processes. KMAC helps clients identify gaps, opportunities and areas where repairs are needed. A plan is then built, implemented and executed with precision.

We help our clients improve all aspect of their business from overall strategic planning, people and culture coaching, marketing optimization, sales strategy, coaching and training, and implementation of business strategies.

Our Experience Helps You Improve Your Organizational Effectiveness

As a trusted partner and advisor for businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to local small businesses, KMAC has a deep understanding of business strategy, team performance, marketing, sales, and executing a plan. Collaboratively, we work seamlessly with you and your team to better understand your environment and take informed actions based on proven strategies.

We know what works and what strategies your business needs to get results, grow, and achieve operational excellence.

When the stakes are enormous, KMAC’s track record shows that we live up to our motto: “Aim high. Execute flawlessly.”

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Coaching businesses to new levels and growing organizational leadership.

Working with KMAC is about working fast and effectively to achieve a standard that is extraordinarily high. As a Business Development and Operational Excellence Consultancy, we help our clients create innovative approaches to their company’s challenges that produce results.

KMAC has become known for applying their experiences of working with Fortune 500 companies to other multinational companies and small and mid-size companies. Since 1992, KMAC has produced multi-million dollar global marketing properties, that have made brands and people famous. Some well known examples include:


The Mark Messier and Lay’s tagline “Bet you can’t eat just one!”


Bringing the Cheerios Olympic partnership to life

Guy LaFleur

Signing Guy LaFleur to become a Viagra spokesperson when the little blue pill just launched.

By tapping into KMAC’s experiences, partnerships and historic success, our clients and their businesses have been able to reach new heights.

CEO and Founder of KMAC
Keith McIntyre

Keith McIntyre is known in the business and sports industry as the “advancer.” For 30+ years, he has been working with Fortune 500s, the world’s top professional athletes and North America’s largest sport properties to bring ambitious visions to life, both in growing business, and in putting leaders’ personal brands on the map.

In 1992, after building his reputation and credibility in the beverage world, Keith started his new business, The KMAC Group. He started this new Business and Organizational Performance Advisory Firm with no clients, no physical product, and no established service.

Keith decided to go after a brand new target market: athletes, professional sports franchises, and the most successful package goods firms that made the esteemed “Fortune 500” list.

Keith set out to challenge mediocrity.

Outside of a select group of mega-star athletes, such as Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer, Keith noticed that very few professional “star” athletes or their management firms undertook the concept of how to build a brand. Building a strong brand became Keith’s passion and opportunity: “Connecting athletes with corporations, but in a way that created value and drove revenue for both.”

Keith soon became the “How’d you get that guy?” guy with a jaw-dropping client list that included: Mark Messier, Steve Yzerman, Brendon Shanahan, Paul Coffey, Bobby Orr, Guy LaFleur, Mario Lemieux, Roger Clemens, Al Leiter, Todd Stottlemyre, Catriona Le May Doan, Adam van Koeverden, Jamie Salé and David Pelletier, and many more.

Keith has worked with North America’s biggest sports leagues and teams including: the NFL, MBA, MLB, the Olympics, the Toronto Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames, Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers, etc. His corporate client list was equally as impressive, with clients such as Procter and Gamble, General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Sanofi, and the list continues.

Over the decades, Keith has produced multi-million dollar global marketing properties, that have made brands and people famous. Some of his most memorable projects include Breakfast in the Morning, looking at your favourite NHL players and Olympians on cereal boxes; Cheerios Canadian Olympic athlete support program, and the campaign that brought Mark Messier and Frito-Lay together with that famous tagline: Bet you can’t eat just one?

Today, Keith’s calling card continues to be turning ideas into reality, where he focuses on people and culture to unlock untapped profits. But this time, Keith and the KMAC GROUP are taking Keith’s Fortune 500 experiences and applying those lessons to small and mid-size businesses in addition to other large multinationals.

Keith and his team works directly with owners and the C-suite to improve performance in 5 key areas:

From identifying strategic growth opportunities and building teams, to external marketing, performance planning and personal growth, Keith and the KMAC Group have it covered – all while meeting the standards of Keith’s personal motto: “Aim high. Execute flawlessly.”

“Much of our success stemmed from collaboration, and connecting our clients to the right partners from a wide spectrum of businesses.” - Keith

Our clients are redefining industries, innovation, and what success looks like by combining creativity, teamwork and experience with a desire to succeed. Diverse industries ranging from manufacturing, infrastructure, auto, retail, healthcare, professional sports, finance and franchising are being revolutionized by our clients using the KMAC strategies and techniques presented in the Advancer Model.


Our goal is simple:

1. Share the key strategies to maintaining the success of KMAC and our clients – how we continually push forward to reach new heights.
2. We’ll then focus on strategies that are applicable to your organization, regardless of the industry you represent or size of your company. No-one knows your organization better than you.
3. We will push you to think about your organizational issues in an entirely new light and then challenge you to make the ties back to your organization and learn how you can adapt, rather than adopt our approach.